Skiing History

As part of my epic attic clear out, a folder of holiday memories was uncovered. In the folder were two photos and two certificates from my first two ski holidays in Andorra. 

I had spent a year or two learning to ski at the outdoor ski slope in Aldershot, Hampshire. While nothing like the real thing, it does give you the confidence to learn how to stand on two feet (or two planks of wood), basics of using a ski lift, and the how to control speed, link turns, and standard stuff like Snow Plow.

When I first went skiing I used to go with my Dad. Sometimes his brother (David) would come along, and sometimes his friend Ian.

Diploma presented to me in January 1994 for Skiing in Arinsal – My first year on snow!

My first ever ski trip was to Arinsal, Andorra, all the way back in January of 1994. My first ever time on real snow (on skis), and my first ski trip with my Dad. The only thing I remember was my ski instructors name – Giles – who i believe may have been Australian or a New Zealander. He also introduced me to snow snakes – the things that make you fall flat on your face whenever you least expect it. They’re white too, which makes them even harder to see…

Along with the photo I found my Diploma for Ski School that year.

Arinsal, Andorra, 1994

My second ever ski trip was to Soldeu, Andorra in January of 1995. Another amazing ski trip which I remember very little about, but again I have the photo and my ski school card.

If I recall correctly I went skiing with my Dad and his brother (David).

Soldeu was a ski resort I got to return to the following year, again with my dad and David, but also this time with Ian, a friend of my Dad’s.

Two things I do remember about the resort was the little ski run down from one of the mountain restaurants. Only short but I must have skid it around a half dozen times. And the mogul field directly beneath the main chairlift from the bottom of the resort.

Soldeu, Andorra

Soldeu is one of those resorts that I’d be interested in returning to one day.

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