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  • Skiing History

    As part of my epic attic clear out, a folder of holiday memories was uncovered. In the folder were two photos and two certificates from my first two ski holidays in Andorra. 

  • Review: Salomon Lord (2010) vs. Salomon X-Wing Tornado Ti (2010)

    Review: Salomon Lord (2010) vs. Salomon X-Wing Tornado Ti (2010)

    Not all the reviews and articles I write are technical. For once, I thought I’d post about a recent experience I had while buying some new skis. Now, I’m no professional skier or ski-equipment reviewer, but I enjoyed testing out these two models of ski so much that I felt compelled to share what I…

  • The Snow Centre, Hemel Hempstead

    Until relatively recently, UK residents were at a serious disadvantage when it came to learning to ski. As we are not blessed by much in the way of mountains or snow in the UK, we were always limited to dry ski slopes. When I first started, this was no exception. The dry slope in Aldershot,…