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Technical Support
Community Project
by Tristan

If you are an existing client looking for Technical Support:
Please log all support calls and access all technical resources through the Helpdesk .

If you’ve landed here and you’re looking for TFindley Photography, then we’ve had a bit of a rebuild. Historically I used my one and only site to many different kinds of content. That’s great, unless you’re a potential employer looking to find out about me, or a potential client looking for photography services. It just didn’t work. In order to streamline the content delivery experience, I have split everything down into various sites which focus on specific kinds of content.

TFindley Photography now resides at photo.tfindley.co.uk . I’m still working through a lot of the legacy content and trying to condense it into the new site, but for the most part it is there!

If you’re looking for information on Tristan Findley (about me), or if you have arrived here from looking at Tristan’s Resumé / CV, then please go to about.tfindley.co.uk .

Historically my reviews were published on my photography website, but I’ve now moved these to review.tfindley.co.uk . The site isn’t looking like much right now, but the content is there.

If you’re looking for the Biker web project that I’ve been developing, please visit biker.tfindley.co.uk . I’ve spent a couple of months developing this and I’m particularly proud of it. It’s still a work in progress and it’s looking for a more permanent home/domain and name.

If you’re looking for TFindley Technical , there are a handful or articles that I’ve written but the site as a whole is ‘coming soon’.

So what is happening to this bit of the site? Well I am planning on developing it into a Landing page which will have five or six clickable links with fancy graphics to take you to the various sites listed above. I’m debating having some social media aggregators and a general purpose blog, however these are still being decided.