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  • The Lodge – Part 4

    The Lodge – Part 4

    A few weeks on and the lodge project is going well! The electrics are in (they were actually finished the same week it was installed with a lot of hard work from my Uncle and myself).

  • Selling bikes

    So both bikes, my Triumph America LT 2014 and my Kawasaki Z1000SX have both been sold. The Kawasaki went yesterday to The Motorbike Shop, and the Triumph went today to CMC Motorcycles. I’m sad to see both of them go, but I’m more upset about my Triumph America. She was my first big bike after…

  • The Lodge – Part 3

    The Lodge – Part 3

    Part 3 of the lodge project, and install day is finally here!

  • Making a Pi cluster rack mountable

    Making a Pi cluster rack mountable

    Firstly, Happy Pi Day! 3.14 (.2019). So the Computer Science department here at the University of Surrey have a rack of 100+ Raspberry Pi computers, all with TPM Hats, all stored in a mobile 19-inch rack. The issue is that they’re all mounted to a sliding shelf and getting to Pi’s in order to power…

  • Starting Security+ training

    Starting Security+ training
  • The Lodge – Part 2

    The Lodge – Part 2

    The ground for the lodge is finally all cleared and ready. The sleepers have all been taken thanks to a little sign put up by my Mum offering them for free, so they’ll be going to a good home to build some raised flower beds. Also thanks to my Uncle and a good bit of…

  • New Bike Tyre

    New Bike Tyre

    Finally got my the tyre on my Kawasaki replaced, almost three months since I got a puncture while travelling down the A303 one sunny (pre-winter) evening. Bought a replacement Road Pilot 4 from MyTyres, and got it fitted along with an oil change by Vincent’s Motorcycles in Farnborough. Big shout out to Mark who did…

  • The Lodge – Part 1: Planning and Preparation

    The Lodge – Part 1: Planning and Preparation

    A new year, a new project. The Lodge So we saw this lovely Finnish Lodge / cabin by Garden Exteriors at the Losely Park Garden Show in July 2018, and immediately fell in love with it.

  • New photo

    New photo

    It’s not often I have any photos taken of me (the occasional selfie not withstanding), but I needed to urgently replace the photo on my CV (Résumé). The one I had on there was just horribly casual and just didn’t really portray me in the right light for a professional document. So with the help…

  • Skiing History

    As part of my epic attic clear out, a folder of holiday memories was uncovered. In the folder were two photos and two certificates from my first two ski holidays in Andorra.