The Lodge – Part 4

A few weeks on and the lodge project is going well! The electrics are in (they were actually finished the same week it was installed with a lot of hard work from my Uncle and myself).

I decided to go with LED Strips around the edge to provide a softer ambient light, and 6 LED spots on the corners to provide uplighting.

Outside we have two spots located either side of the door.

For power we have four 2-way sockets with 2x 3.2A USB sockets to provide ample power should visitors want to charge phones or we want to run anything out there.

The plan is to put in some small bookshelf speakers with a Class-D amplifier, and to use a Google Chromecast for the audio input, however this will me to run ethernet down the garden to run an access point. While not a massive job it is one for another time.

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