Making a Pi cluster rack mountable

Firstly, Happy Pi Day! 3.14 (.2019).

So the Computer Science department here at the University of Surrey have a rack of 100+ Raspberry Pi computers, all with TPM Hats, all stored in a mobile 19-inch rack. The issue is that they’re all mounted to a sliding shelf and getting to Pi’s in order to power cycle them or change their SD cards requires you to have arms like Dhalsim (Street Fighter).

So after a bit of googling I found these designs for a rack mount solution that turns the Pi’s into blade-esc machines. The issue is I’m not sure if the designs will accommodate the TPM Hats, so that’s where the amazing technicians in the Electronic Engineering department and their wonderful 3D printer come in. I’ve passed them the designs and by Monday should have two frames and a sled upon which to mount a Raspberry Pi and it’s hat to see if they’ll fit.

Mostly in just posting this because it’s a bit of fun and I find 3D printers fascinating. To think that you can now make things like this at home. Next step will be the Star Trek replicator!

Go little 3D printer, go go, go!

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