New photo

It’s not often I have any photos taken of me (the occasional selfie not withstanding), but I needed to urgently replace the photo on my CV (Résumé). The one I had on there was just horribly casual and just didn’t really portray me in the right light for a professional document.

So with the help of a work colleague I took 10 minutes out of our day and had a few snaps taken down at the lake here at the University of Surrey.

But I went to look for it the other day to use it on something and it got me thinking… Where did I store it? Now the original is still on my camera memory card (yes yes, I’ve been lazy…) but I had still processed and uploaded the photo to my online page. I’d done everything from my phone, instead of diving back into desktop photo editing software, yet I was still able to do quite advanced edits. Looking back on it, I used Adobe Lightroom Mobile.

I just found it interesting that even someone like me who lived in Lightroom and other photo editing apps for all things photo editing and storage related, now has work edited entirely on cellphone. A disadvantage being I edited the JPG and not the RAW file, so the edits will never be as high quality as they could have been. But honestly…. can you notice?

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