Happy New Year – Welcome to 2019

Happy New Year and a massive welcome to 2019, and probably a welcome to this journal as this is the first ‘real’ post I’ve made on here thus far. I thought I’d take a moment to explain some of what this journal already has on it, and what it will look like going forward.

From Social Networks past

Throughout 2018 I’ve started taking steps away from mainstream social media. My first exit was Facebook after the Cambridge Analytica incident of 2018, but even leading up to that I had been using Facebook less and less, disagreeing with the potential misuse of information and the general quality of it. I closed my Facebook down at the beginning of the year. Initially it was tough to not have that daily news feed fix, but after a couple of weeks I noticed myself missing it less and less. A few weeks later and I found I didn’t miss it at all.

Much later in 2018 I decided to leave Instagram, following an incident that highlighted everything I hated about social media. While at this time my Instagram is

When I had a moment to reflect, I decided that I had put a lot of work into my Instagram content, and that as something I didn’t want to loose. Unlike Facebook, the content had value to me, but it was still important for me to separate it from ‘the social network’. I downloaded my Instagram profile, which I had previously done for Facebook prior to deleting that too. This allowed me to access all the images I’d posted. I spent a good few hours pulling down the post text and associating it back with the image, and creating WordPress posts based on that content.

Previous Content – Taking control of my internet presence

What you see on this site is an almost one-to-one replica of my Instagram posts, just decoupled from the platform. This time, the content is on my own platform, in a format of my choosing, in something that is easy to download and move should I ever choose to.

One or two of the posts have been extended (usually by combining multiple posts into one), and where I’ve done that I’ve tried to write some more content to improve on the post, but for the large part the Instagram Posts are untouched.

Ancient History

Over the Christmas 2018 break I’ve been clearing out the attic space behind my office. One of the things that I found was old scrapbooks of holidays which I’m toying with the idea of posting onto here as historical posts. Some of these date back to the early 1990’s, which is clearly before WordPress existed, but I think it would be nice to have these around, even if only for my own records.

Into 2019 – Journals, posts, images and videos

So I’ll be trying to keep this up to date more often. This is not a new years resolution, but more something I’ve been thinking about doing for a while. This will be my public outlet of content now that I’m moving away from Facebook and Instagram. I can still post stuff but without being constrained by the image-only nature of Instagram or the general mish-mash of Facebook (with all those Copyright concerns).

On the side I’ll also be keeping a better Offline journal too, to document some more internal thoughts and private moments.

So, that’s enough for a first post. It’s a wordy one, and probably not the most entertaining, but its a milestone for 2019. With any luck I can keep this up-to-date better than I have my other sites. Which reminds me, I really need to update my CV website. Maybe time to to think about some New Year’s Resolutions?

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