, Three years on – A two month review

Graze LogoI originally reviewed the Graze Product in 2009, back when there was very little information on the internet about this service that delivers delicious nibbly-bits to your mailbox once a week I confess that I canceled my subscription in Q1 2010, however this was in a bid to save a little money, loose some weight and eat less over all. I was not displeased with the service, but at the time it did not fit my lifestyle. Since the review went live back in 2009, it gathering comments and feedback from readers and existing customers of Graze. A lot of the feedback I have received from existing customers was of a frustration of being unable to cancel their subscription to Graze. I’ve replied to each and every comments and offered advice where I’ve been able to, even going to far as to contact Graze directly to make them aware of the issues users were facing.

A week ago I received an email invitation to try one of their new products, a Breakfast box. Part of accepting the invitation involved restarting my weekly (or bi-weekly) Graze Box delivery, which would give me a Breakfast box at half price. I figured this would give me a perfect excuse to re-visit my original review of the Graze service and to write a far more comprehensive review of their offerings.

How does Graze work?

Put simply, Graze is snack food delivered right to your home or place of work. You receive a box through the post with four punnets (little plastic containers) of snack food. The food can range from mini flapjacks to seeds, to little oatbakes with a dip, to rice crackers. All for £3.95 per box.

Who is Graze for?

To me, the target audience for Graze is the average office worker who is looking for a little something to look forward to once a week, that also gives them a way of breaking up a their working day with tasty treats. I personally use the Graze box to break up my least enjoyable day of the week (that boring Wednesday that’s slap bang in the middle of the week) and to give me a healthy snack once every so often that fits in well with my diet (meaning to me it needs to be a quantifiable amount so I can watch my calorie intake).

Getting started with Graze

You get started by visiting For new users you need to register for a new account.

New Users

  • Go to and click ‘Get Started Now’. You will see a promotional gift code entry box at the top right of your screen. Enter VGWR1QHD to get a free Graze Box, or click here to go straight to and get your first Graze Box free.
  • First you need to decide whether you want a ‘Nibble Box‘ (maximum variety, over 100 foods to choose from) or a ‘Nutrition Box‘ (selection of foods chosen by the Graze nutrition team).
  • Next you choose how often you want your boxes. Options at this point are ‘Once a Fortnight’ ‘Once a Week’ or ‘Twice a Week’. Once you have signed up and begun your plan more frequency options become available (such as every fourth monday of the month).
  • Now you enter your name, email address and choose a password (dont loose your logon credentials, otherwise altering / cancelling your subscription will be fairly difficult). Finally is a checkbox asking if you have a nut allergy. Unfortunately if you check this box you cannot continue as their food is packed in an environment where nuts are present.
  • Next enter your delivery and billing information as requested. Additional addresses and billing methods can be added later on, as well as options to deliver different boxes to different addresses.
  • Finally Graze will ask you about what types of food you like or dislike. Complete this to your taste, but make sure to do this before completing your signup, otherwise you might receive something that you dont like.

The Graze Website

The Graze Website has a remarkable amount of options for such a simple product, however it is a relatively easy affair to use. The thing Graze has going for it is choice. There are over 100 foods available to you, and you can tell Graze which ones you like or dislike. You also have a surprisingly powerful control over your delivery frequency, and you can find out a surprising amount of information about all of their products and the company.

Navigation through the site is handled through the main menu at the top of the screen. You’ll spend 90% of your time in only three of the tabs at the top, so we’ll look mostly at those. ‘Your Snacks’, ‘Deliveries’, and your Account menu.

What’s on the Menu?

Graze Button - Your SnacksGraze offer an extensive range of foods for your Graze Boxes. All of these foods can be viewed through the ‘Your Snacks’ tab at the top. When you first click into this tab you will be shown a list of categories on the left, some foods that you had sent to you recently in the centre, and a scrolling banner at the top showing you some new foods that you could try. From here you can browse into each category which will display a whole range of foods, or you can use the search bar in the top right to quickly find foods or ingredients you love.

The selection of food from Graze is vast, with everything from Healthy Chocolate Brownies, to savoury snacks, seeds, chocolate, nuts, fruit, and even afternoon tea and cake! You certainly wont be getting the same items week-in week-out. If this still isn’t enough, Graze do add and remove items from their menu’s every so often. In fact most of the foods I received 3 years ago are no longer available, however I certainly love their new selection!

Food preferences

Graze Rating buttons - Bin, Try, Like, Love, Send SoonWhat if I dont like certain foods, or I try something that I didnt enjoy? Not a problem. Graze has a simple to use rating system that will allow you to control the content of your boxes.

Graze’s food preference system works on four levels. Bin, Try, Like and Love. You rate foods to your tastes and Graze will accomodate you in your deliveries. If you really want an item, click ‘Send Soon’ and Graze will do their best to get it to you in one of your next deliveries. If you didn’t have time to set all of your love/like/try/bin preferences during signup, you can access this again from your control panel in your account under ‘Your Snacks’. You can also adjust your ratings based on deliveries you receive. If you receive something that was on your ‘try’ list, and you end up loving it (or even hate it) you can rate the product accordingly. This can be done from their ‘Your Snacks’ screen or from your ‘Deliveries’ screen by clicking on the relevant box that was delivered.

When I used Graze the first time I went through and binned some of the foods with certain items in it. The Graze site picked up that I was eliminating all the foods with this one item in it, and asked me if I wanted to automatically remove all foods with this one item in it. This shows that the Graze system does have some form of algorithm to make your menu selection that little bit easier.

Also on the food menu are three filters that allow you to list items based on your religion / dietary requirement. These include Dairy/Milk, Non-Vegan, and Non-coeliac. Each of these areas has a quick button to bin all foods in that group so you dont have to search through every group to remove individual items.

Getting your Graze Box

Graze Button - DeliveriesDeliveries is your second most important tab. From here you can control the frequency and destination of your Graze boxes. The centre screen shows your previous deliveries (as well as any that are currently being prepared), with the right displaying three tabs ‘Holidays’, ‘One-Off boxes’ and ‘Your Weekly Boxes’. From this screen you can view / rate previous boxes, manage your upcoming deliveries and their frequency, tell Graze when you’re on Holiday and wont be wanting your boxes, order single boxes, or manage your reoccurring deliveries.

Graze - DeliveriesYour Last Boxes

From here you can view all your previous boxes, as well as any boxes that are currently being prepared by Graze. You can view the contents of each box by clicking ‘What did I get?’,  you can share the contents of this box on Facebook and Twitter, or you can send feedback to Graze about the box and its contents.

Your Holidays

From here you can schedule breaks in your Graze Deliveries by telling Graze the dates when you’ll be away From and Until. This way no food will be sat in your mailbox while you’re sunning yourself on a beach. This is also useful for scheduling occasional breaks from your Graze Boxes.

Your One-Off Boxes

From here you can tell Graze to send you a single box without creating a reoccurring delivery.This is useful should you need that little extra on a certain day, or just want to sample a different type of box.

Your Weekly Boxes

This is where you control your deliveries and their frequency. When you create a new reoccurring delivery it is automatically set to ‘Weekly’ for frequency. You can change this to ‘Every two weeks’ once you’ve initially set it up. Graze supports deliveries to multiple addresses (indeed I have my Breakfast box delivered to home and my Nibble Box delivered to work).

If at any point you wish to cancel your Graze Deliveries, you simply need to remove all your Weekly Boxes from here and your deliveries will stop.

Managing your Account

Graze - Account MenuLike any web-based order system, there is a tab to manage your account. This menu allows you to change all of your personal details, add payment methods (Multiple are supported), delivery addresses (multiple addresses are supported), specify your communication preferences and change your email address and password. You can also log out of your account from here.

While most of this is run of the mill, the ‘Preferences’ menu is worth covering. From here you can tell Graze to send you ‘More products that I’ve said I Like or Love’, ‘A good balance between all my ratings’, or ‘More products that I’ve said to Try’.

Also on this screen are your communication preferences, which allow you to get four communications from Graze. These include ‘Your box its on its way’ email, ‘Rate your box’ email, ‘One off Delivery Upate’ emails and ‘Special Announcement’ emails. Since being subscribed to Graze I have never received many emails from them. I find the Delivery Status emails very useful, and the Rate your Box emails fairly good to remind me to set my food preferences for what I’ve just received.

A question that I am frequently asked is ‘Can I delete my account?’ Currently, there is no method of completely deleting your Graze account once it has been created, however you can cease all deliveries in your ‘Deliveries’ option (see above).

About the products and the company

The Box

HPIM1217The graze box is a simple thing. It arrives through the Royal Mail post as a brown box with two plastic security wrappers (not pictured) securing it closed horizontally and vertically.

Upon opening the box you are greeted by a Graze booklet, four punnets of Graze food, a 100% recycled napkin and a bamboo skewer (this helps with messier foods such as Olives).

Each individual punnet is self contained in a little plastic container with a easy-peel lid with the name of what is in it, a pleasing graphic depicting something related to the contents of the punnet, and a barcode that is scannable through the MyFitnessPal app so you can add it to your food diary.

The Graze booklet contains the use-by and nutritional information for what is in your Graze box punnets (this includes Energy, Carbs, Protein, Fats, Fibre, Sodium and whether your punnet contains a portion of fruit), and a little poster telling you some information from Graze. On the front of the box is your name as well as the date which the box was intended for delivery on. On the back of the card (under the ‘How to feed your friends’ section) another voucher code for me to issue as I please via social networks or other methods. Also on the back was information about the Graze packaging and how to recycle it.

Our packaging and how to recycle it:

The box and this booklet are made from sustainable sources and they’re both biodegradable and recyclable. Our punnets are made from 80% recycled content and can be recycled along with other plastics.

I feel this is a nice touch and it certainly made me reconsider just binning the empty punnets once I had finished grazing. It is worth noting that some companies do not offer the best recycling schemes ever, so it is probably worth transporting the packaging and punnets home so that you can recycle them through your household recycling. Some punnets (such as those containing olives and oil) might require a brief rinse out before going in the recycling.

Types of boxes

Nibble Box

This is Graze’s most popular box, and probably the one that most people will go for. It gives you access the full range of foods from their menu.

Nutrition Box

If you go for a Nutrition Box, then you can select what sort of Nutritional plan you would like. The three plans currently on offer are:

eatwellBox – A selection of all our healthy recipes with the odd treat now and again.

boostBox – Our strictest, most healthy box with our most nutrient dense foods to give you a natural boost.

lightbox – All our lowest calorie nibbles. Everything’s between 50 and 150 calories and nothing tastes like diet food. Great if you’re watching your weight.

These are perfect for people who are on diets or trying to focus on eating specific foods. Selecting any of these boxes will immediately limit your menu options for that box.

Breakfast Box

This is a new product from Graze which allows you to get your day off to the right start with a good healthy breakfast. The box is a selection of four Porridges in punnets similar to the regular Graze Nibblebox. They contain a helping of porridge and on the side a little helping of Honey to add to your porridge.

Graze currently have 8 different porridges to choose from on their site, with an option of either ‘Yes Please’ or ‘No Thanks’ instead of the regular Bin, Try, Like, Love. system. As the Breakfast box becomes more established we expect to see a larger choice of porridges become available.

Nutritional and Allergy Information

Graze is very transparent with their Nutritional information, offering a very clear and informative Calorie count through their website.

Graze Booklet - Nibble Box week 1

For those with Nut allergies, a quick trip to the FAQ reveals some disappointing information.

Are your products nut free?

Unfortunately not, we can’t guarantee that our products are free from traces of nuts and sesame ingredients since everything is prepared in the graze kitchen. So if you suffer from a nut allergy, you will not be able to graze.

When I originally signed up to Graze four years ago,  I told one of my friends who Nut Allergies. We immediately looked on their website to see if it would be safe from him to ‘graze’, and was met with exactly the same information that we find today. I was hoping that in the four years Graze would have developed a process to allow those with nut allergies to partake in their product. I suppose that this is no different than most restaurants who put this at the bottom of their menus as a ‘catch-all’ clause to protect them from anyone with a nut allergy from keeling over in their place of business, though I would still have liked to see a method of deselecting all nut / sesame products in their food range selector.

My Boxes, delivered

Below is a running review of the boxes I’ve received. I’ve tried to include pictures where I can. Please be aware that this section is based on my personal tastes. For this part of the review I have my Nibble Boxes set to be delivered every two weeks, with Breakfast boxes being delivered once a month.

Nibble Box – Week 1

Link to my Graze Nibble Box for Wednesday 8th May 2013

My box arrived (unfortuantely) a day later, and in the afternoon. This was partially due to a recent strike by Royal Mail and party due to a slightly delayed internal mail delivery inside of our Campus. The box arrived in good condition and showed no signs of wear or tear from being delayed or passed around the various postal systems.

The Graze Card that I received was a ‘Welcome Back’ card with a picture of a Graze box sitting on a deckchair wearing sunglasses. Attached to the card were four Graze Box vouchers for me to give to friends for them to get a free graze box.

Total Energy (kcal) for box = 547kcal

 Bonnie wee Oatbakes

Energy (kcal) per punnet (36g) = 114kcal

Graze Bonnie Wee Oatbakes

Having only had my first oatbake two weeks ago at Stonehenge, I was looking forward to trying some more. Needless to say when I visited the Graze website before restarting my deliveries I put these on my ‘Send Soon’ list. These Bonnie wee Oatbakes did not disappoint. The little cheese and chive oatbakes are accompanied by Red Onion Marmalade. This was the first time I’d had a cheese and chive oatbake. By themselves the oatbakes would have been a bit dry for my liking, but the  and with a nice helping of the marmalade on top they were incredibly tasty and the perfect savoury snack to enjoy at my desk over some light web work. One for the ‘Love’ list.

Mississippi BBQ Pistachios

Energy (kcal) per punnet (32g) = 189kcal

Graze Mississippi BBQ PistachiosI’ve always been a fan of pistachios, and having never had them with a flavouring on them before I was intrigued to see what they tasted like. While I did enjoy the Pistachios, I found these the least enjoyable item in this weeks box. The BBQ flavouring was lovely though they came across as far too salty for my personal taste (I prefer pistachios with very little / no salt). The Pistachios were still in their shell (shelling them is half of the fun!), and there was a perfect amount for a little day-time snack. This one will unfortunately be going in the ‘Bin’ list as it does not fit my personal taste at this moment.

Pomodoro Rustichella

Energy (kcal) per punnet (23g) = 115kcal

Graze Pomodoro RustichellaHaving got no idea what a Pomodoro Rustichella was, I was intrigued by this little punnet. Inside were three different items. Cheese croutons, tomato baguettes and tomato and herb almonds. The croutons and baguettes were still fresh and crispy, despite the delay in the delivery. The croutons were full of flavour and easily comparable to some of the best from supermarket shelves. The little baguettes had a far more subtle flavour but were still lovely, crispy and fresh. For me though, the start of this punnet was the Tomato and Herb Almonds. These were packed with flavours and tasted superb. Unlike the Pistachios in the previous punnet, these were not at all salty and tasted lovely. This is definitely one on my ‘Love’ list.

Mixed olives with rosemary and lemon

Energy (kcal) per punnet (42g) = 129kcal

Seeing how I forgot to take a photo of these (sorry!) you can probably guess that I enjoyed them! Unlike most olives from the store, these were not swimming in oil. The lemon taste was very subtle and was a perfect complement to the rosemary. The olives themselves were lovely and moist, free of stones and tasted lovely. Definitely another for my ‘Love’ list.

Breakfast Box – Week 2

Link to my Graze Box for Monday 13th May 2013

The Graze Card in this box contained some the usual nutritional information, some promotional codes for friends, instructions on how to cook my porridge, and we ‘Welcome to the Club’ section explaining that I was one of the first people to try the new Breakfast Boxes. The nutritional information had an additional section that showed the nutritional information for Semi Skimmed milk, so that you can add this to your nutritional information for the day should you wish.

Having never had porridge before I did not know what to expect. Least of all the lasting affects. I went to work far more full of energy than usual, and ended up feeling comfortably full even up till lunch time.

Total Energy (kcal) for box = 626kcal (plus milk)

Walnut and Pecan porridge

Energy (kcal) per punnet (39g) = 162kcal (plus milk)

Graze Walnut and Pecan PorridgeThis was the first porridge I tried, and subsequently my first ever experience with porridge. It proved to be very tasty! While it did not look as appetising as I would have hoped after it was mixed with milk and microwaved (does porridge ever look nice?), the taste  was lovely! it had a perfect balance of nuts and oats, and the little side-helping of honey really added a great flavour to the mix. This is definitely staying on the ‘Yes Please’ list!

Cherry and Almond porridge

Energy (kcal) per punnet (48g) = 174kcal (plus milk)

Apple and Cinnamon porridge

Energy (kcal) per punnet (43g) = 143kcal (plus milk)

This was my second experience with the Graze porridge, and I have to say another very pleasant one. This punnet of goodness contained a decent amount of apple pieces, complemented by a very reasonable helping of raisons. The amount of cinnamon in this was just right for me, and it certainly didn’t make it too sweet. Adding the honey on top was the perfect combination. No photo for this one due to a 5am start, though I will definitely be getting this one again! One for the ‘Yes Please’ list!

Blackcurrent and Cranberry porridge

Energy (kcal) per punnet (42g) = 147kcal (plus milk)

Graze Blackcurrent and Cranberry PorridgeThis punnet was one that I only got to sample, having had it quickly taken off me and eaten as soon as it was seen. I did however get to sample it, and it proved to have a lovely fruity balance with the oats. While the person who took it off me preferred it without honey I still preferred it with. Maybe Graze should offer versions without honey, or maybe an alternative to honey? I would still choose to have this one again!

Nibble Box – Week 3

Link to my Graze Box for Wednesday 22nd May 2013

Week three, Graze box three. This box arrived dead on time to my office, in pristine condition. In the box was the usual Bamboo skewer and a Graze Card saying “Flapjacks. Where do ours come from” on a little wooden sign over some ingredients associated with the Graze Flapjacks. Indeed in the box was a flapjack!

Total Energy (kcal) for box = 576.7kcal

Salsa Fresca

Energy (kcal) per punnet (25g) = 50.7kcal

graze_nb2_sfrescaThis is another new product for Graze, and one that I was eager to try. I’ve been going through a phase of loving Salsa. As you can see the punnet is divided into two, with a small section of Salsa and the rest for the crackers. Lets start with the crackers. A light cheesy rice cracker. By themselves they would have been a touch dry, but still tasted lovely. They were perfectly crispy and not a single broken one in the punnet! Add these to the smooth cool salsa (that tasted very fresh and nothing like the stuff you get in jars from the supermarket) and you have a lovely little treat. I enjoyed these with my lunch and would certainly love to again!

Green olives with basil and garlic

Energy (kcal) per punnet (44g) = 130kcal

Graze Green olives with basil and garlicThis is one of those simple items done well. Lovely green olives, fresh, in olive oil with basil and garlic. Like the last olives I received, these were not swimming in oil. The amount of garlic was just right, and by no means overpowering. Some people who have Graze at work might worry about suffering ‘garlic breath’ after eating these olives, though I did not feel there was enough in them to cause that rather unfortunately side-effect. I ate these on day two with my lunch (I even added one or two to my home-made wrap).

Apple and Cinnamon flapjack

Energy (kcal) per punnet (54g) = 238kcal

Graze Apple and Cinnamon FlapjackI ended up eating this as part of my dinner on Wednesday Night, as I was running late. Flapjacks are a new product for Graze, and one that I can say they have done very well with. This little flapjack came pre-cut into three (though at first glance you might not realize this). Sampling this was a pleasure. It was not too moist and not too dry (just right!). The taste of Apple was very subtle, with the sweetness of the cinnamon coming though with every bite. This is probably one of my favourite items from Graze yet, even if it does have the highest calorie count.

Bakewell tart

Energy (kcal) per punnet (38g) = 158kcal

Graze Bakewell TartThe was my mid-morning snack a day after receiving the box. This punnet came packed with Cherry Raisins, Almonds and Cranberries. I should start by saying that I have a rather love/hate relationship with Almonds as I typically find them dry, however the almonds in the punnet had a lovely subtle taste of the fruit that was in with them. The cherry raisins were definitely something that I had never had before, but tasted great, and the cranberries (while by themselves I wouldn’t have gone for them) when combined with the almonds and raisins complemented the whole affair. By themselves, I doubt I would have gone for any of the three ingredients, but as a medley they work brilliantly!

Nibble Box – Week 5

Link to my Graze Box for Wednesday 5th June 2013

The fifth week with Graze, and after having a week away  I was definitely looking forward to receiving my box on Wednesday. The box arrived nice and early, exactly on the day I was expecting it. This week my Graze Booklet had a useful key showing all the different logos that are on the punnets – the Graze Benefits.

Total Energy (kcal) for box = 501kcal

Bonnie wee oatbakes

Graze Bonnie Wee OatbakesEnergy (kcal) per punnet (36g) = 114kcal

This is the second time I’ve got the Bonnie Wee Oatbakes from Graze. I admittedly was looking forward to these again. Again these arrived fresh and with the perfect quantity. This time I could cheese flavouring on the oatbakes was more prominent. It was a great combination with the sweetness of the Red Onion Chutney. This is still on my ‘love’ list.

Toffee Apple

Graze Toffee AppleEnergy (kcal) per punnet (23g) = 68kcal

Toffee Apple consists of a section of sliced dried apple, and a smaller section of Toffee. Having never eaten a real toffee apple before I had no idea what to expect. I was very pleasantly surprised. The taste combination of the two was just right for me. The toffee was not too solid or too runny, and the Apple was just the right amount of juicy. My only complaint with this is that I felt it could do with having slightly more apple than what there was. There was the right amount of toffee, but I would have liked to have spread it out a bit more with the Apple.

Lightly salted popcorn

Graze Lightly salted PopcornEnergy (kcal) per punnet (28g) = 127kcal

This is probably my least favourite item out of all my weeks with the Graze box as I’m not a massive salt popcorn fan. Nevertheless I went ahead and tried it. The popcorn arrives in a little plastic sache that contains a brown microwavable popcorn bag. You pop it straight into the microwave and heat on full power until you get down to one pop every few seconds. The popcorn was beautifully light, and I still enjoyed it even though I’m not a fan of Salted popcorn. Even though I did eat this, I will not be putting this on my list of items to have again.

Lightly toasted pistachios

Graze Lightly Toasted PistachiosEnergy (kcal) per punnet (32g) = 192kcal

After my last experience with Pistachios from Graze I was a touch nervous that these would be far too salty for my taste. I was very happy to discover that there was almost no salt on these. This was how I like my pistachios, and I quickly shelled and ate my way though the entire punnet. One for the love list!

Breakfast Box – Week 6

Link to my Graze Box for Monday 10th June 2013

My second breakfast box from Graze. This arrived on the Monday to give me four lovely breakfast porridges for the week. As usual the box came in perfect condition and well packed. This time only two of the four porridges came with a little honey side on the punnet. In the box was the usual Graze Booklet, again explaining about the ‘Breakfast Club’ and the usual Nutritional Information.

Total Energy (kcal) for box = 626kcal

Apple and Cinnamon porridge

Graze Apple and Cinnamon PoridgeEnergy (kcal) per punnet (43g) = 143kcal (plus milk)

This is the second time I’ve received this porridge from Graze. I was really looking forward to this again, and after another sampling of its perfect balance of Apple and Cinnamon, I maintain that it is my favourite porridge out of all the Graze offerings.

Walnut and Pecan porridge

Energy (kcal) per punnet (39g) = 162kcal (plus milk)

Still to be eaten – Check back soon!

Blueberry and Lingonberry porridge

Energy (kcal) per punnet (42g) = 143kcal (plus milk)

Still to be eaten – Check back soon!

Hazelnut and Flame Raisin porridge

Graze Hazelnut and Flame raisinEnergy (kcal) per punnet (45g) = 178kcal (plus milk)

This punnet of porridge did not come with any honey on the side. This porridge looked very tasty even before putting it into the microwave. The raisins were covered in yoghurt which melted right off into the milk upon microwaving it. This made the whole breakfast a lovely creamy affair, with just the right amount of fruit and nut! One for the Love list!

Nibble Box – Week 7

Link to my Graze Box for Wednesday 19th June 2013

Information coming soon – Please check back for more updates

Total Energy (kcal) for box = 576kcal

Cookies and Cream

Graze Cookies n' CreamEnergy (kcal) per punnet (38g) = 214kcal

From the moment I received this weeks box, I was looking forward to this punnet. Cookies and Cream is made up of mini cookies, white chocolate, hazelnuts and sunflower seeds. The combination of all four is lovely. I would have liked a few more white chocolate buttons, but that would increase the calorie count. Would love this punnet again!


Graze WasapeaEnergy (kcal) per punnet (18g) = 90kcal

I’ve always had a bit of a mixed experience with Wasabi peas, so I was not too eager when delving into this punnet. Thankfully the wasabi was pleasent and far from overpowering. The peas were lovely and crunchy, and even though they did leave me a little dehydrated, it was an enjoyable snack that lasted me two days. Not one to add to the Love list, but certainly on the Like.

Pina Colada

Graze Pina ColadaEnergy (kcal) per punnet (28g) = 103kcal

I ended up having this punnet for my lunch on the Thursday. It consists of pineapple (dried), coconut and mango (also dried). the coconut by itself would be too dry to eat much of, but this was balanced out with the lovely chewy mango and pineapple in the punnet. One for the Like list!

The Graze Brownie

Graze BrownieEnergy (kcal) per punnet (35g) = 129kcal

This is one of those punnets that I was looking forward to from the moment I opened the box. Like the Flapjacks, the Graze Brownie comes pre-cut into three parts. The top of the brownie has the typical cracked finish to it, and it is finished with little pieces of nut. The brownie itself was the perfect middle-ground between moist and dry, with a lovely taste in the mouth. Perfect with a cup of coffee. This is definitely going into the Love list!

Nibble Box – Week 9

Link to my Graze Box for Wednesday 3rd July 2013

Information coming soon – Please check back for more updates

Total Energy (kcal) for box = 573kcal

Honeycomb flapjack

Energy (kcal) per punnet (54g) = 239kcal

After my experience with the last flapjack, I was eager to try this one. Again I was not disappointed. The flapjack was again divided neatly into three, with chocolate decorating the top of it. It was just as fresh and satisfying as the last flapjack, and exactly the right amount in the punnet. The honey was subtle but still very pleasant. This is another flapjack that I will be adding to my Love list!

Herby bread basket

Graze Herby Bread BasketEnergy (kcal) per punnet (18g) = 90kcal

As you can tell from the photo, I enjoyed this punnet so much that I forgot to photograph it (sorry!). This little punnet of Basil Baguettes, Garlic Croutons and Oregano Rice Crackers was a nice little mid-morning snack on the Thursday. Each of the three different sorts of items in the punnet had a distinct texture and flavour. The little baguetes were probably my favourite out of the three, though they also seemed to be the saltiest. The garlic croutons were a lot denser than the rest of the selection, though they still tasted fresh and pleasant. The Rice Crackers were a perfect little sweet contrast in the savoury selection, leaving a very pleasing aftertaste in the mouth. One of the Love list

Tomato dipinetti

Graze Tomato DipinettiEnergy (kcal) per punnet (34g) = 97kcal

The tomato dipinetti consists of a punnet of little mini bread sticks and a side of tomato salsa. The bread sticks were perfectly fresh and wonderfully crispy. The salsa provided a nice contrast, and was cool, smooth and refreshing. The taste was just right, and not overpowering. I think I would have liked a few more breadsticks, but there was still enough to use up all the salsa by the end. Love list for this!

Bounty hunter

Graze Bounty HunterEnergy (kcal) per punnet (31g) = 147kcal

Bounty Hunter was one of those punnets that I was eager to sample from the moment I saw it on the Graze site. It consists of milk chocolate drops, coconut shavings, and juicy red dried cranberries. Individually, each ingredient was fresh and satisfying, and together they formed a medley of taste that was very pleasant. The cranberries proved to be something of a unique ingredient in this combination. I think i’ll certainly be after this again. Love list for you!

Nibble Box – Week 11

Link to my Graze Box for Wednesday 17th July 2013

Information coming soon – Please check back for more updates

Total Energy (kcal) for box = 544kcal

Coffee and Walnut cake

Graze Coffee and Walnut cakeEnergy (kcal) per punnet (33g) = 148kcal

I should probably start by mentioning that chocolate covered coffee beans are a weakness of mine, so this punnet did well to last 48 hours after I received my graze box. The punnet itself contains shelled walnuts, raisins, little crispy sponge pieces and chocolate covered coffee beans. Individually, the raisins are fresh and juicy, the walnuts crisp and full of flavour, the sponge pieces like soft abd light pieces of shortbread with an even nicer taste, and the chocolate covered coffee beans a lovely sweet and crispy treat with plenty of crunch and flavour. Mixed together, these ingredients give a wonderful flavour that is very enjoyable. My only complains is that I would have loved more chocolate covered coffee beans… lots more. One more for the Love list!

Salt and Vinegar nut selection

Graze Salt and Vinegar nut selectionEnergy (kcal) per punnet (36g) = 205kcal

This punnet contains a selection of Salt and Vinegar coated Almonds and Peanuts. I’m not normally the biggest lover of almonds but I found this little combination a tasty treat. I did find that you’re unable to taste the salt and vinegar after the first few nuts. Really I would prefer this a bit (or a lot) stronger. This punnet was possibly a little high on the calorie count for my personal taste, but I still really enjoyed it. Either way I dont think this one will be making it to my Love list.

Smoky Gazpacho dip

Graze Smoky Gazpacho dipEnergy (kcal) per punnet (23g) = 61kcal

This punnet consisted of little wholemeal croutons with a smokey tomato (gazpacho) dip on the side. At first I did not think that the croutons were that fresh, however I then remembered they were wholemeal and would have a different consistency to regular croutons. The Gazpacho dip was smokey, however not overpoweringly so. It was a very refreshing combination, with the Gazpacho dip adding a lovely contrast to the crunchy croutons. Think this will be going on my ‘like’ list.

Green olives with basil and garlic

Energy (kcal) per punnet (44g) = 130kcal

Still to be eaten – Check back soon!



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