Konstantinos Mersinas

I have worked and cooperated with Tristan for a whole academic year. There were many times that immediate action and creative solutions were required, and I think that Tristan’s problem-solving attitude and professionalism contributed to the successful outcome of each task.

Colin Walter

Tristan is a great asset to us in the IT support for our department at Royal Holloway. He’s attended to my computer & network needs with great speed, efficiency, accuracy & courtesy. He won’t stand for any nonsense over security issues though, which is an excellent trait if you have bolshy managers that want too much BYOD, yet is always happy to spend a few minutes talking about his hobbies – and we’ve made good use of his photographic abilities as a result.

Chris Watkins

I have often asked Tristan for advice on many aspects of computer systems — setting them up, what to buy, strategy, types of software available, methods of teaching, digital sound, and other things that I presently forget. Tristan is very knowledgeable and he has always been very helpful, even though I have not been in the group that he supports directly.

Steven Galbraith

Tristan was an able administrator of the computer systems and cheerily responded to requests for help.

Prof. Chris Mitchell

Tristan is without doubt very able, extremely knowledgable and highly committed to his job.

Dario Attanasio

Tristan is an exceptional photographer, who has helped capture not only behind the scenes moments of several productions, but also the mood and tone of each particular project. The quality of the stills is always of a high standard and his technical expertise means you are never concerned of any issues with the deliverables. He is punctual and an asset to have on set.

Dr. Alex Dent

I worked with Tristan during my time in the Information Security Group at Royal Holloway, University of London. I always found him to be very approachable and enthusiastic about his job. I also found him to be very skilled and committed to his work.

Emma Mosley

Tristan is an enthusiastic, conscientious and very knowledgeable member of the team who is always willing to seek solutions and new ideas and apply them to his day-to-day work. Since joining Royal Holloway, Tristan has been extremely helpful to me and I look forward to working with him for many years in the future.

Prof. Ed Godolphin

Tristan Findley is a highly accomplished IT professional who is Systems Administrator at Royal Holloway, University of London. He has given superb support within the Mathematics department at RHUL for over five years and his drive and excellent communication skills make him a most agreeable colleague. In particular, I found that Tristan’s knowledge and help was invaluable for all IT matters when I prepared for a Visiting Professorship abroad at the University of Malaysia. I am very pleased to recommend him.

Janet Godolpin

I have known Tristan Findley for about two years. During this time he has provided invaluable IT advice and support for our PCs. Tristan’s knowledge of IT is impressive as is his ability to coax ailing computers back to good health. Tristan has converted our main PC from a slow, sluggish machine to a piece of equipment that works efficiently and is equipped with reliable virus protection. One notable factor is Tristan’s ability and willingness to suggest solutions to overcome IT problems and to generally explain IT concepts to non-specialists in a comprehensible manner.