For all services not listed, my rate is £30 per hour (plus expenses such as Travel). That hourly rate covers photography services and post-processing for a reasonable number of photos. Post-processing a large number of photographs may be chargeable, and any prints will be chargeable.


Package Price*
(single person)
Price per
extra person
(up to 3)
Shoot Duration
Digital Prints**
(processed photos)
Real Prints
Bronze £15 £10 30 Minutes 10 Standard Resolution1 High Resolution None
(Available at extra cost)
Silver  £25  £10  45 Minutes 10 Standard Resolution5 High Resolution 4 6×4 Prints
1 10×8 Print
Gold  £50  £15  60 Minutes 10 Standard Resolution10 High Resolution 10 6×4 Prints
5 10×8 Print
*   Prices exclude extras and photo delivery charges.
** Restrictions Apply to the use of Digital Prints – See Terms and Conditions for ‘Home License’ restrictionsFor shoots away from the Alopex Productions studio, a travel surcharge will be added (minimum £10). In some instances (long distance travel) accommodation costs will also be added.

Film-Set Photography

Per Hour
Per Day
1-5 Hours £30 Per Hour n/a Travel
5-7 Hours £30 Per Hour  n/a Travel + Food
2-5 Days n/a  £180 Travel + Food + Accommodation
  • Copyright for all photos will be held / owned by the contracting studio unless otherwise agreed prior to the shoot.
  • TFindley Photographic Reserves the right to use any and all work for portfolios for TFindley Photographic and its staff.

All other work

For more information or for a personalized quotation, please contact me or call me on the number below.

I do undertake charity work during my spare time. If you have a charity that needs photography services, please contact me or call on the number below.