August MR250 Bluetooth Audio Transmitter – Review

August MR250

I heard about the upcoming Bluetooth audio transmitter from August when I purchased my August Ep650 Bluetooth headphones. On the off-chance that I’d be able to get one from August to review, I fired off an email linking to my review of the EP650′s and asked if August would mind sending me one to review when it was released. In the middle of July I received an email from August requesting my address to send me one for review. Low and behold, 18 hours later, I have in my hands the new (very diminutive) August MR250 Bluetooth Audio Transmitter.

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Marie Curie – Blooming Great Tea Party Charity Event

Marie Curie Blooming Great Tea Party 2014 PosterOn Saturday June 7th the Farnborough branch of Marie Curie volunteers hosted the Blooming Great Tea Party at the Farnborough Baptist Church. Many cakes were made by the volunteers, and just as many were consumed by the donating public, along with countless cups of tea and coffee!

TFindley Photography were there on-site running our photo booth with two beautiful Harley Davidson motorcycles. Customers were able to have a portrait taken on the Harley Davidson motorcycles, and then see it printed on our portable 6×4 photo printer. Photos were then framed. We got some lovely feedback from our customers on the day regarding the quality of the prints and the end product.

The total raised on the day came to a whopping total of £410.91. A big thank you to everyone who turned up to support the Tea Party – We’ll definitely be back next year with our photobooth!

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August EP650 Bluetooth 4 Headphones – Review

August EP650

When it comes to purchasing a new product, it is always based on research (lots of research) and a justification as to whether or not I ‘could not live without it’. The August EP650 Bluetooth 4 Headphones definitely do not fall into either category prior to writing this review. When I first heard about the EP650′s, I initially dismissed them because I had never heard of the company ‘August’, however after trying a friends, I quickly decided to get a pair.

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PayPal Here – Review

PayPal Here

This is the third Chip and PIN device that I’ve reviewed, and probably the one that I’ve most looked forward to. Previous devices have been good, however they’ve never had an air of a big corporate entity behind them to drive the service into new areas. Enter PayPal, an arguably late entry to the Bluetooth Chip and PIN device market. PayPal Here was announced in the UK shortly after iZettle pre-orders had begun, however no pre-order information was available until after the iZettle devices had already started shipping.

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Light Blue – Review

Light Blue

As a small photography business owner, I sometimes feel that I’m spending far too much time trying to manage my day-to-day business operations and less of my time actually taking photographs. Light Blue promises to change all of that.

Light Blue Software Ltd, a British company startup from 2008, feel they have the answer to mine and many other business owners’ requirements with a tool that has been designed by photographers, for photographers..

At its core, Light Blue is a database package along with a Getting Things Done system. It has been built from the ground up for use by Photographers to help them track the vast amounts of information that they collect for every shoot and business function, break it down into tasks and to set deadlines for everything. On top of all of this, Light Blue will handle all of the paperwork associated with shoots – generating anything from emails to invoices.

Where Light Blue differs from other databases, is that it has been built by professionals who understand what it takes to run a photography business. This makes Light Blue something of a Bespoke package. Where such platforms like Sage or database packages like File Maker fail in todays small-business photography world,  is that a  photographer doesn’t need most of what these packages offer. In the case of File Maker (A powerful database package), you still have to build the database structure yourself prior to entering any data. These would be classed as ‘off-the-shelf’ products.

Part of what makes Light Blue so powerful is the ability to use the in-built workflows to help manage your day-to-day, but to also build your own workflows to perfectly manage how YOU want to work. This is important because a piece of software should never tell you how to work. You tell it how you work and it should match you.

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